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Threading & waxing

Threading and waxing are two popular methods for hair removal, each with its own unique benefits. Threading involves hypo-allergenic nylon thread and is especially effective for facial areas. While waxing removes hair quickly, on larger body areas.
Both methods provide long-lasting smoothness and help you in achieving clean, hair-free skin.

Teeth whitening

Wonder Ultra White Treatment consists of 2 sittings, 1 week apart, and it is tailored to leave your teeth up to 14 shades lighter. We are dedicated to keeping your teeth healthy using only premium quality whitening materials.
We can deliver dramatic results, using 6% Hydrogen peroxide, whilst protecting your teeth. Following your treatment, we recommend you consider a 4-6 week top up to ensure you maintain your Wonder White Smile. Price starts from $200.

Spray tan

Spray tans are a healthier choice than sun or tanning beds for a sun kissed glow. Our products give a natural look without any orange tones and dry quickly.
During your initial visit, we conduct a consultation to understand your preferences and skin type. Each tanning session is customised to suit your individual needs, as we are committed to providing you with the best tan possible. Price starts from $50.

Eyebrow shaping and tinting in Sydney, Double Bay

Eyebrow threading

15 mins, $25

Eyebrow shaping

30 mins, $45

Eyebrow tinting

15 mins, $25

Eyebrow lamination

1 hour, $120

Henna eyebrows

1 hour, $120

LVL lash lift

1 hour, $120

Lash tint

15 mins, $25

I have been going to wonder for facials, eyelash lifts and eyebrow shaping for months now and it is truly the best! The space is so warm and comfortable, I always feel immediately relaxed as I walk in. they are the best in the business and Poppy is lovely and funny.

Lola F.

Such a beautiful experience. Great maintenance (waxing) and eyelash tinting. Have now found my new beautician Poppy. Will definitely be back - and am looking forward to becoming a regular! And also to trying their facials and massages. Thanks Wonder team


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LVL lash lift

The LVL lash lift is an innovative beauty treatment that significantly enhances the natural beauty of your eyelashes. This technique is designed to add length, volume, and an upward lift to your lashes, creating a striking effect that typically eliminates the need for daily mascara application. Unlike traditional lash extensions, the LVL lash lift works by augmenting the natural attributes of your lashes, ensuring a more authentic and effortless look. The treatment stands out for its use of specially formulated products, which have been extensively tested to ensure they are safe and gentle on your lashes. This meticulous formulation is crucial as it helps prevent any potential damage to your natural lashes, maintaining their health and vitality.

The procedure is relatively quick and produces lasting results, with the effects typically enduring for 6 to 8 weeks. This longevity means you can enjoy beautiful, enhanced lashes without the need for constant touch-ups or additional treatments. An added benefit of the LVL lash lift is the inclusion of a lash tinting service. This tinting process adds depth and definition to your lashes, further enhancing their appearance. The LVL Lash Lift at Wonder a way of being offers a comprehensive, hassle-free solution for anyone looking to amplify the natural beauty of their eyelashes with minimal upkeep.

High-definition eyebrow sculpting

High-definition eyebrow sculpting is a personalised beauty treatment tailored specifically to your individual facial features and style. The process involves a combination of several techniques – waxing, tinting, and threading – to achieve the desired brow shape and look.

  1. Waxing: This step involves carefully removing excess hair around the brows to create a clean, defined shape. The waxing technique ensures that the brows are symmetrical and complement the overall facial structure.
  2. Tinting: Tinting adds colour and depth to the brows, making them appear fuller and more pronounced. This step is particularly beneficial for those with lighter or sparser brows, as it helps to fill in any gaps and enhances the overall appearance.
  3. Threading: Threading is used for fine-tuning the shape of the brows. It allows for precision in removing individual hairs and achieving a crisp, polished look. This ancient technique is known for its accuracy and is excellent for defining the brows’ arch and tail.

During the session, our brow expert works closely with you, considering your facial shape, skin tone, and personal style, to design brows that are not only beautiful but also uniquely suited to you. The goal is to create brows that enhance the natural features of the face, giving it more definition and character.

The results of high-definition brow sculpting are typically long-lasting, with the effects remaining visible for about 4-6 weeks, depending on individual hair growth patterns. This treatment is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty with fuller, more sculpted brows that require minimal maintenance. It’s particularly popular among those who wish to streamline their beauty routine while still looking polished.